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Photorealistic 3D modeling and visualization revolutionized marketing imagery production. They help get more out of the same budget, require no effort on a marketer or manufacturer’s behalf, and provide the output that looks like professional staged product photography. Sounds too good to be true? Just look at the facts below and see for yourself.

Terrace Furniture Set 3D Rendering

Delivery Speed

You can get marketing-ready product imagery before having the prototype, and even before the design has been approved. Just send the CGI team the SOW with product dimensions, drawings, and sketches if there are any. As a result, you will get a photorealistic 3D model which you can immediately use for getting furniture lifestyles and silos.

Right Pricing

CGI allows outdoor furniture brands to save considerably, especially in the long-term perspective:

  • Many 3D models elements are reusable, so you won’t have to pay for them again. Let’s say, we make a texture for your 3D model, a dark oak. When it’s ready, we can use it for the next 3D models.
  • The same goes for background scenes and design variations. We can make one CG model, clone it and apply different materials or colors, or add small details. This way, you won’t have to pay the full price for the modeling.
  • CGIFurniture clients can have fixed prices for large-scale orders, and get
    3 rounds of free corrections with the total amount of 60% of the project volume.
Communicating Corrections via CGI CRM

Easy Process

All you need to do to get furniture 3D models and renders is to send an SOW and stay in touch in case some questions pop up. For much like the main product, the landscape and props are modeled digitally, and in photorealistic quality too. As a result, there is no need to send furniture to the studio, rent a shooting location, buy and store decor. You can just comment on intermediate results and get your assets on time. Moreover, you can use our Scope of Work templates. They list everything necessary for every project type. They will save you a lot of time and spare additional questions in the process.

Product Rendering Price List

Find out all types of product CGI projects, their average costs and examples of results. Upgrade your product marketing and experiment with visuals digitally!

3D Modeling and Rendering Offers
Unlimited Opportunities

Using CGI, you can get any type of visuals for your sales and marketing collateral. Whatever your campaign requires: 3D models, silo and lifestyle renders, 3D animations, 360-degree views, 3D configurators. Moreover, with that speed and ease of workflow, you can have fresh imagery made for every season, holiday, or event you need. And your outdoor furniture will shine in every single render.

Forget contractors! Find a partner

We don’t just take a brief and deliver. We learn about your product, your project goals, the market context, your workflow, and your personal preferences. Based on this knowledge, we design a tailor-made experience for you. Discover its foundations below.

Dedicated Scalable Team

  • You will get a dedicated team run by a project manager and mentor. They will work on all your projects, find out and record your requirements. You can communicate with them in the way you find convenient, be it through online conferencing or chatting on our CGI CRM online platform.
  • You can have additional specialists assigned to your project. We have over 100 CG modelers and visualizers, so you can get as many 3D assets as you need every day.
  • When you have an extended team working on your 3D modeling or rendering project, the project manager and mentor of the core team become team leads. They see that the output meets your requirements and looks consistent in mood, style, and details like colors and materials.

Full Spectrum of CGI Solutions

We are your Swiss Army Knife for outdoor furniture marketing. For you can get all the variety of visual materials with us, including 3D product animations, lifestyle and silo product renders, photorealistic 3D models, 3D models for AR, wireframe, and millwork drawings, even have 3D configurators made.

And you won’t have to manage a thing: our project managers will take care of communication, pipeline, deadlines, output formats, consistency, etc.

3D Rendering Project Chat in CGI CRM

Project Information Always Available

All information is registered on CGI CRM — a tailor-made online platform for managing 3D rendering projects. CGI CRM benefits you in the following ways:

  • Everything is there, and nothing can be deleted. So if you come back in a few years, you will 100% find whatever you need. 
  • There, you can chat with your CGI team 24/7, check on the progress, comment on results, view financial data, etc. 
  • It allows you to have your coworkers added to your projects and have their access to information adjusted. 
  • It allows you to access all its functions from your CRM system. For we can API-integrate CGI CRM into it.
  • You can get unlimited personal cloud storage there – MyLib. In MyLib, you can keep your 3D models, scenes, and materials. This way, you can add any of these assets to the project with a few clicks. 

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