Brief for Animation
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General info

This brief will help your CGI team give you an estimated price and timeline for your 3D animation. You will then meet the 3D artists and go over all the details. So if you don’t know the answers, you can select default options and change them at the meeting.

Full Name
Full Name

Specify what you will use the video for: trade shows, websites, online and web video advertising, etc.
Please tell us about the viewers — geographic location, age, and profession. This will help us create a tailor-made video experience. Also, specify the action you want viewers to take.

Write the approximate number of seconds you’d like the video to last.
By default, we create 3D animations in Full HD. If you need 4K or higher, click Other and write in the numbers.

Aspect Ratio
By default, we choose 16x9. If you don’t find the option you require, click Other and write it down.
File Format
By default, we choose MP4. If you don’t find the option you need, click Other and write it in.

Frames per second
By default, we choose 30. For highly dynamic videos, we recommend 60 frames/sec, and for slow-paced ones — 25 and less.