3D Interior Rendering

For Sustainable Furniture By van de Sant Company

Furniture Rendering for van de Sant Company

Robert Milder
Founder of Van de Sant

An environment-friendly furniture company van de Sant from the Netherlands contacted CGIFURNITURE and ordered photorealistic 3D models and renders for promoting their new collection. The marketing campaign planned for the launch of soft furniture was focused on the variety of designs of their products. To demonstrate the furniture at its best, they used a whole set of product 3D images on a white background. At the same time, lifestyles were used to showcase how the items would fit into various interiors.

Lifestyle Product Images for an Online Catalog

Marketers of the van de Sant company ordered lifestyle 3D renders with different environments. Both commercial and residential interiors were perfect backgrounds to display the versatility of their furniture and the compatibility of the products with different design styles. This way, customers can make sure that the brand’s furniture fits in their home or office interior before deciding on a purchase.

White Background Renders for the Website

The van de Sant furniture company got a set of photorealistic product images on a white background from different angles, which were used on their e-commerce store. With the help of these 3D renders, the manufacturers demonstrated their new products in detail – starting from all-around views and finishing with close-ups on texture and design elements of the furniture.

CG Imagery for Social Media Marketing Success

Using CGI services, van de Sant got top-quality imagery for their social networks. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn – our product 3D renders made an appearance in every business account they run.

instagram product renderings
pinterest product renderings