Kids’ Furniture Rendering

for Scanliving

High-Quality 3D Rendering for Kid Beds Product Images

Since 1989, a Danish furniture brand Scanliving has been producing high-quality beds for kids and teenagers. From cribs to bunk beds – the company can provide a perfect sleeping place for children of any age and height, as well as customize it to meet any other specific requirements. Scanliving beds are based on a system of blocks, which can be added and subtracted. This way, it is possible to tailor the furniture piece to the changing age and needs of a child. For example, one can add or remove a rail, a desk, a slide, or even turn a single bed into a bunk bed. To demonstrate the multifunctionality and aesthetics of the furniture in promo campaigns, the brand owners decided to try out 3D rendering.

Scanliving managers contacted CGIFurniture in January of 2021 and ordered modeling and lifestyle rendering of their products. High-poly 3D models were meant to showcase the structure of every bed in detail. In their turn, lifestyle renders had to demonstrate how versatile furniture would fit in different interiors. And AR models were needed to help customers see if the beds would look good in their room. So, how did our CGI team approach each task and what did the results look like? Read on and find out!

Photorealistic Furniture 3D Renders

To make photoreal lifestyle images, CGIFurniture specialists created a 3D scene of the kids’ room interior and put models of Scanliving products in it. The colors and details in the scene were then tweaked to produce renders showing each bed design in a unique setting. For example, we used different wallpaper colors and diverse decor elements like pillows and curtains. However, the lighting scheme and pastel theme remained the same in all the 3D renders as Scanliving marketers wanted to stick to a certain mood.

Multi-Row 3D View

This tool is a spherical product 360° view which is based on 7 rows of 36 renders in each of them. It allows to not only spin a furniture 3D model from left to right but in all possible directions, choose any angle, zoom in and out. This way every detail of the product can be thoroughly examined.

Low-Poly Kids’ Bed Models for AR Apps

AR shopping apps require low-poly CG objects that weigh less than high-poly ones and thus could be rendered in real-time easily. So, our artists made 3D models of the key products compatible with augmented reality apps. Using those, users will be able to “try out” kids’ beds at their homes to check if they fit by color, style, dimensions, and so on.

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