Photorealistic 3D Rendering for a Wardrobe Design

High-Quality 3D Visualization for Amrein Wohnen Furniture Co

Astonishing Visual Presentation of Custom Wardrobes and Walk-In Closets

Amrein Wohnen is a swiss furniture company that specializes in manufacturing custom pieces. The collaboration project with CGIFURNITURE included a one-of-a-kind walk-in closet design and photorealistic 3D visualization of it to impress the client. The final result brought the product presentation to another level of quality and detail.

Interactive Visual Content for Innovative Marketing

  • Before-cupboard
    Before cupboard After

  • Before-locker
    Before locker After

Before and After Slider is Always a Good Idea for SMM and Product Pages

Interactive CG visualization is a surefire way to engage your target audience much more effectively. Nowadays, still pictures are not enough to impress users which leads to more creative ideas such as motion CG products.