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for Jofran Furniture Inc.

Silo 3D Render for a Table

Jofran Inc. furniture company was founded back in 1975. Since then, the brand has been bringing coziness and comfort to its customers’ homes with the help of quality furnishings. The brand offers reasonably priced and practical products for bedrooms, living and dining rooms. To appeal to their target audience, Jofran Inc. marketers needed promo materials that would best highlight the functionality and homey charm of their items. And they entrusted making such visuals to our 3D rendering company.

Jofran team contacted CGIFurniture in January of 2021. Since then, we’ve completed more than 30 projects together. So far, we’ve created silo and lifestyle CG images as well as 360° spins and AR models for the brand. This diverse visual content was then used on different marketing channels. Let’s look into the projects in detail!

Furniture 360° Spins

Jofran managers ordered 360° spins for all product models. For each spin, our specialists had to make 36 white background renders showing the product from different angles. These renderings were to be used in a special website plugin that allows for creating a 360 spin out of a series of images. With such an asset, customers could rotate high-poly furniture 3D models and examine them in detail.

Multi-Row 3D View

This tool is a spherical product 360° view which is based on 7 rows of 36 renders in each of them. It allows to not only spin a furniture 3D model from left to right but in all possible directions, choose any angle, zoom in and out. This way every detail of the product can be thoroughly examined.

Furniture AR Models

Creating AR models required turning high-poly 3D objects into low-poly ones. That’s because only low-poly models can be rendered in real-time by an augmented reality app. The final AR-ready files were sent to Jofran managers in usdz. and glb. formats that worked for iPhone and Android.

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