3D Rendered Product Images

for Clawz — a Modern Cat Furniture Company

3D Rendering for Clawz Modern Cat Furniture

The main mission of Clawz, a US-based furniture company, is to make products that bring happiness to the lives of cats and their owners. Also, the brand is an avid advocate of rescue, shelter, and adoption of stray cats, which is no wonder considering how Clawz was established. One day Dominic Monahan, the founder of the company, rescued a stray cat from a snowstorm. He named his new roommate Shivers and they’ve become inseparable ever since. This story inspired Dominic to help more cats all over the world get the joyful life they deserve. And that was his main reasoning behind establishing Clawz.

As of now, Clawz has three products: Cat Condo, Cat Palace and Cat Kingdom, which is the combo of the first two. Each of these furniture pieces has unique features tailored for cats of specific ages and sizes. The items serve as a playground, a cat gym, a cozy nest for naps — all at once. On top of that, the furniture looks ultra-stylish and can become a one-of-a-kind addition to any home interior.

To showcase the value of his unique products to caring cat owners, Dominic decided to order different types of CG tools. So, he contacted CGIFurniture for silo and lifestyle renders, multi-row 3D views, and AR models for cat furniture. Working on such an unusual project was a great pleasure and fun for our team. Let’s take a deeper look at the results of our collaboration with Clawz!

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AR Models for a Shopping App

To provide buyers with an exciting shopping experience in augmented reality, the owner of Clawz ordered low-poly 3D models of their products in all three color variations. Our artists created 9 lightweight 3D objects that could be easily processed by an AR shopping app in real-time. Using such an application on a smartphone, customers can “place” realistic CG models of the cat furniture in their room to see if it fits well.

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