Flat Lay 3D Rendering

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Photorealistic Flat Lay 3D Rendering

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A Fresh Take on Product Visualization

If you’ve been looking for an original solution to making your visual marketing more effective, flat lay renders are the answer. They will instantly draw the attention of your audience and increase their interest in the products.

Stylish Compositions

Flat lay 3D rendering allows you to showcase arrangements of products in a stylish, eye-catching way. It is perfect for visualizing categories and collections of items in an online store or catalog. On top of that, flat lay images make incredibly attractive content for social media.

A Powerful Design Inspiration

Flat lay renders can serve as excellent mood boards for interior design. By showing items in beautiful combinations, you will help designers select elements that will look stunning in the spaces they work on. Additionally, such images act as a visual reference for designers to effectively communicate their vision to clients, making the approval of your products more likely.

Product Rendering Price List

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As you can notice, CGI flawlessly conveys the look of any material. And, by adding objects with different textures to an image, you get an extremely appealing combination that easily attracts attention.

The Best at What We Do

At CGIFurniture, our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. For this reason, we have devised a project workflow that allows us to swiftly and effectively produce outstanding imagery, all while reducing the effort needed from your side.

3D Artist Creating Product Visualization

Quick Delivery

Our team produces top-quality results within the shortest possible time thanks to:

  • expert 3D artists;
  • professional project management;
  • powerful hardware and software;
  • studio’s own render farm.

Efficient Workflow

All of our project communication happens in the CRM system specifically designed for our studio’s processes. Namely, it allows you to:

  • talk to your team via text messages;
  • receive files for revision;
  • send your own files, including references and notes;
  • access project files at any time;
  • keep track of task progress and payments.

Effortless Process

Keeping track of your 3D visualization projects has never been so easy. Thanks to our custom CRM platform, you can:

  • communicate directly with your team via text messages;
  • send, receive, and store any amount of files;
  • stay up-to-date with task and payment statuses.
3D Visualization Project Manager at Work

Flexible Conditions

We always do our best to ensure that you get the most out of working with us. For that, we:

  • align our communication hours with your time zone;
  • assign a client manager to offer personalized support;
  • keep a detailed record of your typical project requirements;
  • adapt to your preferred workflow specifics;
  • offer discount rates for regular bulk orders.

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