Product Photo or CGI?

5 Ads Where You Wouldn’t Tell 3D from Photography

A product photo of photorealistic quality is a vital component of any marketing campaign. Low-grade pictures can easily ruin the whole thing if the product looks like a rough 3D model, buyers will just pass by. That’s why Marketers and Manufacturers are so concerned about getting product photos of the highest quality. Some of them doubt that CG renderings look as good as product photography, and prefer a safe way of traditional photo shoots.

However, the quantity of visual content for product presentation and successful promo campaigns is huge. A furniture brand needs outstanding product photos for websites, online stores, catalogs, social networks, and print advertising. In order to get such an amount of product images in time, Marketers should find the optimal balance between taking quality photos and saving financial resources. Naturally, they have to order all the furniture prototypes first, then rent transport and a photo studio with equipment, not to mention the photographer’s fee. All these preparations take a lot of money and time to get a few product photos.

How do prominent Manufacturers get out of this trying situation? Many follow the example of the industry giant IKEA they choose collaboration with a 3D product rendering studio, get photorealistic CGI, and showcase the result as their prime visual content.

#1. Stunning Product 3D Photos for Troy Smith

3D Product Rendering for Chair

Troy Smith is a well-known Canadian designer, a prodigy of product design, whose works have made a lot of noise at the world’s famous exhibitions. His design approach is amazing, and so are his material and color choices. 

Troy Smith contacted our studio for 3D models and photorealistic renderings he needed product photos that would convey the aesthetics of his design and quality of the material. Surely, Troy’s furniture is a statement, a design manifesto, so he had high requirements for visuals, which were fully satisfied by our 3D Artists. Since an Artist can be understood by another Artist only, we made Troy’s mind-blowing design ideas look spectacular and 100% realistic in product 3D photos. 

As a result of this collaboration, the Canadian Designer got jaw-dropping renders for product catalogs, e-commercial platforms, social networks, and print media. His courage for innovations is challenging and inspiring, and we are proud to have Troy as one of the oldest clients of our 3D studio.

#2. High-End Mosaic and Tiles Renderings for White Marble Source

3D Product Visualization for Tiles Collection

When it comes to product photos for finishing materials, it is essential to depict all textures and materials in photorealistic quality. Also, it is vital to show tiles and mosaics not only in close-up views but in full room sets, or lifestyles. Looking at a room set, potential buyers can see what pattern tiles create in the first place, and how beautifully they work with light and interior details in composition. Therefore, White Marble Source asked 3D Artists to pick up different room scenes of various stylistics and colors. This way, CG imagery demonstrates the diversity of tile collection and its top-class quality.

White Marble Source turned to CGIFURNITURE for 3D product photos for the website and social media campaign. The brand used these pictures for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and got great comments from their followers. In the end, they got first-class visuals that can be used for online-shops and offline printed advertisement too.

#3. Top-Notch Visual Marketing for Wroxeter Furniture Co.

3D Product Rendering for a Bed

Wroxeter Furniture Co. is a Canadian family-owned and operated brand that produces custom furniture. Launching a new product, the Manufacturer needed images for the website and SMM campaign, so they contacted GCIFURNITURE for outstanding 3D renderings.

To begin with, 3D Artists made a 3D model of a furniture piece and then created different types of photorealistic render: an object on a white background, a 360 view and stunning lifestyles. White background photography works perfectly for product pages on e-stores – it showcases the mere object without distracting shoppers by backdrops and extra details. Moreover, quality product photo allows buyers to zoom in the image to examine materials and design in detail.

Lifestyles are the best choice for printed magazines and social media they represent how a furniture piece works with different surroundings. The variety of interior styles makes promo images attractive to an audience of all ages and tastes. Wroxeter Furniture Co. deliberately selected room scenes that are completely distinct from each other by style and color palette to demonstrate the product’s diversity.

Our 3D Artists also created a 360 model of a piece as an interactive add to the brand’s website. The final version of 360 view showcases the product in detail and from all possible angles. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for visitors to interact with the website, rotate a product model and explore it just like in brick-and-mortar stores.

#4.  Striking Product Imagery for Canadian Dorel Industries

3D Product Rendering of an Armchair

Dorel Industries is a good example of how a company with a rich long history embraces modern technologies and senses new tendencies of the market. The famous Canadian Furniture Manufacturer has been in the game for more than 30 years now and has been working with traditional photo shoots for decades. Today company’s Marketers are focused on building the brand in social networks, expanding the audience and involving the new generation of buyers. Dorel Industries turned to professional 3D Artists for astonishing visual material for online promotional campaigns a product 3D photo on the monochrome background and colorful lifestyle photos.

As a result of cooperation with our studio, they received high-end product images in various interiors. These pictures helped the brand to attract the attention of young social network users and gain more popularity among new audiences with different tastes. Moreover, now Dorel Industries can use the obtained product photos on their website and e-commerce platforms, as well as in printed catalogs and outdoor advertisements.

#5. Fascinating CG Images for British Furniture Brand BDI

3D Product Visualization for a Furniture Project

The popular US brand BDI also chooses 3D rendering instead of traditional product photos to visualize their furniture masterpieces. In order to showcase the design and textured facades, the Manufacturer needed 3D renders of high photorealistic quality. Moreover, it was essential for BDI to demonstrate the furniture piece in different scenes. This way, potential buyers can realize the versatility of the product line and envision the object fitting their own home. Therefore, our skilled 3D Artists kept experimenting with interior styles, colors, and lighting to get the most spectacular images for the clients.

As a result, BDI not only received top-notch product 3D photos for SMM and their website 3D gives them more options than they originally expected. Using 3D technologies CGIFURNITURE Artists created CG pictures that could be used for both digital and printed catalogs, email campaigns, and eye-catching online advertisement.

Today lots of strong innovative companies switched to 3D rendering for the best presentation of their products. With the help of 3D Artists, Manufacturers can get tons of stunning visual material a white background product photo, a beautiful lifestyle, a 360 view. As a result, photorealistic CG imagery can be used for multiple purposes, such as online and offline promo campaigns, printed catalogs and online listings.

To summarize, the best benefits of CG is that it comes at a reasonable price and is faster to make than a traditional product photo. Therefore, not only famous brands can use it with 3D technologies, even small young companies get an opportunity to come into the spotlight and make a statement with breathtaking product pictures.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

Want to stand out among the world’s leading Manufacturers? Contact us for 3D product rendering services and you will get stunning visuals that will boost your sales to the skу!

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