Photorealistic Product Renderings

for Lamvin Acoustical Products Manufacturer

Lamvin Product Rendering Project

Lamvin is one of the most prominent manufacturers of architectural and industrial soundproofing products in the US. The company provides a customized acoustically sound environment. It includes industrial noise control systems, acoustic fabric panels, acoustic floor underlayments, acoustic walls and ceilings, hanging baffles, dividers and other soundproofing products of the highest quality. 

In 2020, Lamvin managers contacted CGIFurniture for silos, lifestyle 3D renders and animations for their products. The first two CG solutions were meant to showcase the items as separate construction elements as well as parts of stylish interiors. As for animations, they were needed to show how the products can be used and installed — in motion. Want to learn how such a variety of CG visuals were created and how Lamvin used them in marketing? Read on!

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds and Screens 3D Animation

The acoustical cloud line was made purely for the ceilings and is meant for large spaces. In the 3D animation, viewers can see how exactly this type of soundproofing product can be customized – cute butterfly design makes any kids playroom better. As for soundproofing screens, they are true life-saviors when it comes to noizy places such as kindergartens and playgrounds.

Acoustic Ceiling and Dividers 3D Animation

Soundproofing dividers and an acoustic ceiling system are perfect for noise control in open space offices — just like it’s shown in the CG video. They help employees to focus on their work without the need to be separated from each other by walls. The CG video explains clearly and concisely how to use these products.

Soundproofing Products 3D Animation

The 3D animated slideshow demostrates different types of soundproofing products made by Lamvin. There are acoustic products that could be used for offices, gyms, recording and theatre studios and so on. Watching a few-second 3D video explains it better than any text description could ever do.