Lifelike 3D Renders

For Innovative Lie-Flat Airline Seats By Zephyr Aerospace

Jeff O’Neill
Founder of Zephyr Aerospace

Zephyr Aerospace presented their lie-flat seat designed for Economy Class travelers on long-distance flights called Zephyr. The creators of the project needed an excellent product pitching for crowd-funding purposes with impressive CGI that would demonstrate this innovative idea clearly. This way, they didn’t have to manufacture expensive prototypes and organize photoshoots to get top-notch visuals of the product.

CGIFURNITURE made a few photorealistic 3D renders that showcased the patent-pending design of a social-distancing compliant seating module. In the images, you can not only examine its design but learn more about functions. More precisely, some of the 3D renders show passengers sitting, lying, reading, eating, sleeping and even playing with a kid – and how easy one can do all of that in Zephyr seat.

CG Images For A Crowd-Funding Platform

Zephyr Aerospace used 3D renders to show their product’s functionality and design.

Lifestyle 3D Renders For A+ Press Releases

With CGI, Zephyr’s product PR campaign worked equally well for all types of media, from magazines to social networks.