Living Room Rendering:

How to Use It for Promoting Soft Furniture

In the USA, furniture sales grow every year by 2-3 billion dollars, thereby expanding the market and making it more and more competitive. As a result, manufacturers and sellers of soft furnishings struggle to stand out from the crowd. They try to outshine competitors with their promo images and use product photography or CGI to get eye-catching pictures. Photo sessions, however, take a lot of money and time while living room rendering is fast and easy to experiment with.

Usually, furniture images for promo and marketing are neutral-colored and have the same composition and lighting schemes. On one hand, lifestyle product pictures with traditional interiors are familiar and easily understandable to any customer. On the other hand, by using them, a brand lags behind trends and loses a younger target audience. To get more creative CG pictures, brand marketers should choose the right contractor with a background in arts and interior design. 

CG artists from our 3D rendering studio have all the experience and knowledge needed for creating jaw-dropping product CGI. Moreover, they know rock-solid ways to make artistic living room 3D rendering that sells. Intrigued? Scroll down for our 5 professional secrets.

#1. Draw Buyer’s Attention to Eco-Friendliness and Sustainability of Your Brand

Product 3D Rendering of a Sustainable Zen Living Room

According to the latest research, 87% of buyers are willing to pay more for furnishings that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Conscious consumerism resonates with our craving for spiritual connection with nature and balance. And customers expect furniture imagery to match the company’s values. Sustainable soft furnishings look organic in an eco-friendly living room rendering you see above because the image sells a trendy and mindful Zen lifestyle.

To create similar eco interior designs, 3D artists use earthy color palettes and warm organic textures. They start with natural jute or wood flooring, add grain and texture to the walls, and finish the look with ceramic, woven, and rattan home decor. Using indoor plants and stone also enhances an inside-outside concept and brings natural calmness into the living area.

#2. Evoke the Feeling of Coziness with Homey Decor and Accessories in a Living Room Rendering

3D Rendering of a Living Room in a Country Style with Lots of Home Accessories

A living room is the heart of every home, a family space where everyone can unwind, relax on the couch and just be themselves. So not only must the furnishings look comfy, but also the interior of the room as a whole is supposed to be warm and cozy. 

When 3D artists create living room rendering, they use as many soft and cute decor elements as possible — cushions, lap blankets, fur throws, smooth textiles, etc. For an even more tranquil ambiance, they can light the fireplace and add candles, flowers, magazines, and coffee cups. Such a homey lifestyle 3D rendering tells its own story and evokes a nostalgic feeling of being at home surrounded by the loved ones.

#3. Use The Latest Style and Color Trends to Enhance the Relevance of Your Products

Living Room 3D Render Made in Trendy Colors and Style

If a brand sells contemporary furniture, marketers should display it in the most trending interior styles and colors. Every year the top style changes, as well as the color of the year. For example, in 2021, Pantone Color Institute chose Illuminating yellow + Ultimate gray as the color combo of the year that conveys “the message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”. And that’s exactly what customers need at the moment! 

As for the interior style of 2021, designers and influencers predict the shift to traditional interior design and “granny” interiors, thereby creating a “grandmillennial” style. Our 3D artists follow the world’s design trends and base their color and style choices on them. This way CG specialists can create sophisticated living room rendering that makes the product look chic and up-to-date with the hottest trends.

#4. Arrange Different Sets of Soft Furnishings to Show a Variety of the Items’ Combinations

3D Render of a Mid-Century Living Room with an Interesting Soft Furniture Combo

Slowly but surely matching furniture sets has become a thing of the past. Safe combinations show no personality, they are too neutral and borderline boring. How can one avoid it? Well, when it comes to outstanding lifestyle images for soft furnishings, interior 3D artists boldly combine furniture pieces of different colors, proportions, and materials in one living room rendering. 

Such a creative approach will definitely set the brand apart from competitors with their impersonal and monotonous product pictures. Of course, one has to have a good taste to not turn the living room into a tacky kitschy space. Professional interior visualization artists have a background in architecture and design so their furniture arrangements are like carefully curated exhibitions of modern art — experimental and conscious at the same time.

 #5. Showcase Furniture Pieces’ Versatility Using Different Styles and Moods

A Lyric Mood 3D Rendering of a Living Room with Furniture and Decor

When manufacturers present their furnishings as versatile, it has to be manifested in promo images, too. For example, they can display the same soft furniture set in various interior styles, or showcase it in different moods so that the design shines in a new light with every product image.

Trying different moods for 3D lifestyles is much more artistic than going for traditional silo images because the former ones tell a certain story. Using different angles, composition and special lighting schemes, 3D artists create a certain narrative that resonates with the target audience. They can easily make airy and light-filled or dark and mysterious living room rendering depending on the task and marketing purposes.

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product rendering price

Interior 3D rendering is a flexible way to get a matching room set for your soft furniture in product pictures and make your goods shine. With CGI, you can experiment with the style of the living room, choose a different mood, and enhance the feeling of comfort with cozy decor. Also, you should keep up with world eco trends and use sustainable principles in promo images. In addition, base your room sets on trendy colors and styles —  this way you will draw a younger audience and make your brand look more relevant compared to other manufacturers.

Can’t wait to try our tips for your furniture promo? Reach out to us for 3D rendering services and get photorealistic living room renderings in just two working days!

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