High Polygonal Modeling:

5 Ways to Use It in Product Marketing

Product 3D imagery is a great way to create visually appealing and cost-efficient promo materials for a furniture business. However, if a manufacturer or a marketer hasn’t worked with a 3D studio before, they might not be familiar enough with the technology. One of the choices a client will get to make is whether to use low polygonal or high polygonal modeling. 

Both terms refer to the number of polygons in a mesh, which creates the carcass of a 3D render. Low-poly models work great with interactivity, for example, a VR/AR app or a 3D configurator. High-poly models, in their turn, have a photorealistic finish that looks amazing in ads – including printed catalogs and outdoor advertising. Our 3D modeling studio knows all the best ways to use CGI to make your furniture shine in product marketing. Read on to learn when, how, and why to use high-poly modeling for your visuals!

#1. Silo Renders Showcase the Furniture in eCommerce 

High-Poly 3D Model Chair

Silos are images of a furniture piece set on a white or other neutral backgrounds. Most often they are used for eCommerce. A couple of silos showing the item from different sides will convey the information about it to a potential buyer. In comparison to some of the other types of 3D images, silos might look plain. However, with nothing to distract from the piece of furniture itself – and with a potential buyer subjecting it to great scrutiny – it also means such CGI must be perfect. High polygonal modeling allows a 3D artist to create lifelike imagery, which will look great in any online store. 

#2. Close-Up Renders Show the Details 

Close-Up Renders

Materials, details, and textures executed via high polygonal modeling can be incredibly complex. This makes it perfect for close-up renders. Unlike silos, they do not feature the whole item but rather focus on detail to explore in-depth specific characteristics of the piece or establish its quality with accurate details. With low polygonal models, textures and materials cannot be as complex as they will take too long to render. High-poly ones are indispensable when it comes to showcasing a realistic texture or making a potential buyer long to feel the softness of the material. 

#3. Lifestyle Renders Convey the Atmosphere

Lifestyle Renders

Lifestyle render is a great way to exhibit the item in an environment. It not only communicates the possible design solutions but also evokes an emotional response. In a lifestyle render, the viewer can not only see the piece of furniture but also the atmosphere that it can inspire. For this, not only the product itself, but its surrounding items as well must be high-poly. Libraries of ready assets available at 3D modeling studios allow reducing the costs because most items don’t have to be created from scratch to work well in a scene.

High polygonal modeling ensures such images look lifelike and appealing. Moreover, it allows the creation of images in higher resolution, which is extremely important for printed promo materials – especially in a larger format, such as banners, billboards, etc. 

#4. Product Animation Catches the Eye 

For the product to look good in motion, 3D animation requires high polygonal models as well. A CG artist recreates an item, and, if necessary, a scene, then adds colors, textures, and lighting. After this, a camera path is decided upon. 

Product 3D animation for ads comes in different forms. It is possible to simply exhibit a product from different angles and add some close-ups. This way, one animation can substitute a whole photoshoot. It is also possible to place the furniture in a scene or show its functionality or even inner workings. 3D animation is a powerful way to catch the eye of the even most discerning audience and works great on social media, landing pages, YouTube, or TV commercials.

#5. 360° Panorama View Allows Interactivity 

Panorama 360 View

Interactive 3D generates higher conversion than static images. The audience engages with them more and they convey more information about the item. Panorama views are created by combining several lifestyle images, each of which must be perfect. Moreover, the higher number of static images means smoother 360° motion. These images might be used by marketers separately as well. 

Interacting with a model allows the potential buyer to see the details they want and imagine an interior as a whole. It can be used both in eCommerce and on social media. Moreover, easy-to-send gifs can be created out of the video as well.

While low polygonal models have their use in interactive apps and video games that require rendering without any time delays, high polygonal modeling shines when it comes to creating photorealistic promo materials. From relatively simple silos to complex animation, high-poly modeling makes the experience of online shopping as close to visiting a brick and mortar store as possible.

Ready to use high-quality 3D in your visuals? Contact us for 3D modeling services and get photorealistic visuals in no time! 

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Stacey is a content writer and a CG artist. Outside of work, Stacey enjoys musicals, Star Wars, and art talk. A proud Corgi parent.

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